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A Holiday Tidings Video for Our Customers

The Twelve Days of Features

Over the last few days, we’ve been sharing some of our favorite features, chosen by our teams, and the value they can bring to people like you. We’ve also selected a charitable organization to accompany each feature that we’ve chosen to support.

Have you been following along with The Twelve Days of Pushpay Features? Click here to get caught up on all the features we’ve shared so far.

Here’s a quick summary of the last five features we’ve highlighted:

Day 7: Rich Push Notifications

The ability to send a timely, targeted message that pops up on their screen is powerful. Even better, rich push notifications allow you to add an image or video to make it really stand out. That’s why we love this feature.

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Day 8: Donor Cover Transaction Fees

Donor Covered Fees is an excellent way for our customers’ givers to help defray the cost of processing and for denominations that report their giving to a central hub. This feature allows churches to keep this portion of their donations.

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Day 9: Payment Reconciliation

Thousands of admins that go to work every day see a new deposit in their bank account, and the only place they need to look to see what makes up that deposit is Reconciliation. Many of our features are built for the Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor, which is great, but Reconciliation is a good reminder for Financial Admins that we love them too.

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Day 10: Worship Planning

This feature gives our churches the complete package, from automations to check-in to giving. With Worship Planning, our churches, no matter the size, have a complete solution to help them do ministry more effectively.

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Day 11: Love for Pushpay Giving Features

This feature has the ability to see donors who are new, the ones that are at risk, and those who have lapsed. This can be a great ministry tool (not from any financial perspective), but from a heart perspective, to see if everything is okay in their life.

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On the twelfth day of features, Pushpay gave to me, a holiday tidings video shot with love from our family to yours for all to see.

We are so incredibly grateful for you, our customers, this holiday season.

Wishing you all the best!
Team Pushpay & Church Community Builder

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