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Keep Newcomers Coming Back with This Effective Tool

Church Follow-Ups Made Easy

Following up with first-time guests is a critical part of relationship-building, and engaging with your church body. But many churches struggle to follow up effectively with their first-time visitors. Maybe you send a couple follow up emails (if you remembered to get their email address.) Maybe you give away a free mug with your logo on it. But when your first-time visitors leave your church building for the first time, are you convinced it’s not going to be the last?

That’s why churches are now searching for more effective ways to follow up with newcomers—and why so many churches are turning to Text In Church. It’s a system designed to engage your visitors in meaningful and effective ways they couldn’t accomplish with more traditional methods. It’s not only a proven strategy for keeping your members connected—it’s also extremely simple.

Here’s how it works:

Consistent and meaningful communication is important to help guests feel connected at your church. At the same time, it takes a wide variety of communication tools to achieve this goal. And this takes a lot of work.

That’s why we created these communication templates and automation systems that take the sweat out of follow-ups.

FREE DOWNLOAD: 16 Guest Follow-up Templates

Top 5 Tools for Follow-Ups

Here are the 5 tools we built to help your guests feel more welcomed and connected at your church:

  1. TEXTS: 90% of text messages get read, and texting is the most relevant way to communicate! Send messages on Saturday mornings to boost your attendance on Sundays. Rest easy knowing that newcomers are successfully getting your invitations.
  2. EMAILS: Not everyone prefers text over email, so including the right emails is key. It opens up the door to ask visitors questions that facilitate interaction, and emails allow you to add your website and social media links.
  3. HANDWRITTEN LETTERS: Who doesn’t like to get a personal note in the mail in our tech-saturated world? When I get a note in the mail that’s not from the utility company, I feel like a kid in a candy store! Wouldn’t it be nice to leave your guests with the same feeling?
  4. GIFTS: Providing visitors with a tangible gift, like a coffee mug, will remind them of your church whenever they see it. It will also trigger the thought of a return visit. If you don’t have anything branded, give them a Starbucks gift card, and leave a sweet taste in their mouth when they think about your church.
  5. PHONE CALLS: Many churches avoid phone calls because millennials don’t answer their phones.

Keep Visitors Coming Back

Church communication is important but shouldn’t be difficult—so Text In Church is designed to do the work for you! Thousands of our partner churches have reported excellent engagement results within 6 weeks. Join the thousands of churches across the country that use these strategies and are reporting excellent results.

Use these templates today to help your guests feel more loved and connected than ever before.

Church communication with Text In Church is simple and effective. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind and extra time you’re afforded when using a follow-up system that works for both you and your newcomers.