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What could a QuickBooks Online Integration Mean for your Church?

Online giving reconciliation – there must be a better way.

Let’s start by telling you something you already know: Church administrators work hard. Individuals on the Budgeting and church Finance teams are incredible behind-the-scenes workers. Often, their efforts and contributions go unseen, leading to inefficient systems and processes. These inefficiencies leave church finance and budget managers–who are lovingly giving of their time and talents–bogged down with tedious and redundant manual data input.

You have giving software. You have accounting software. Both are essential. But, what if they can’t talk to each other? Get ready for double the work, double the effort, and double the opportunity for error.

There is a better way.

Pushpay has a powerful integration with QuickBooks Online. An integration that automatically migrates your fund batch totals directly to your accounting system. It’s shockingly simple, yet profoundly beneficial.

How will it help you and your finance team?

Save time by automating journal entries.

Quite simply, if fewer volunteer hours are spent on data entry, that’s more time to focus on the most important aspects of ministry. Allocating time to meeting the needs of the congregation, focusing on discipleship, developing your leaders and volunteers, and driving church member engagement. There will be more time for all of that by eliminating the busy work that comes with manual accounting journal entries.

Improve the integrity of your church’s giving data.

When church members give digitally, without an integration like the one between Pushpay and QuickBooks Online, the church bookkeeper will have to manually copy the transaction records over to the accounting software. Not anymore.

No manual reconciliation means fewer errors. Your accounting software is going to be airtight. Your church’s financial data–information which is used to make important decisions that affect the church’s ability to do effective ministry–is going to be more accurate. Improved accuracy means more confidence and assurance about the financial decisions made within your church.

Accurate reporting boosts member confidence.

When your data is accurate, the reporting to the church and to leadership is going to be more accurate as well. A well-informed church family is a more confident congregation. The transparency and accuracy in reporting also removes barriers to generosity. In short, this streamlined integration with QuickBooks Online can have an outsized positive impact on the health of your church by leading to more generous givers and quick-decision making leadership.

Overall, the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency that comes with utilizing the QuickBooks Online integration is going to make for a better-engaged church of great stewards and a more effective ministry.

To learn more about Pushpay’s world-class giving software and how an integration with QuickBooks Online could free up time to focus on ministry, talk to an expert today.