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Getting Your Congregation to Update Their Credit Cards before They Expire

Churches have experienced a lot of financial growth with mobile giving. Getting them to use recurring giving makes sharing offerings even easier. The only potential hangup for a church is dealing with expiring credit cards.
We’ve had churches ask us if we provide a list of expiring credit cards to the church every month. We don’t. Can you imagine if someone on staff had to call everyone on that list to remind them that their card was about to expire? We can’t, either. That’s why we’ve made it super easy.

Pushpay Automatically Alerts Members before Their Cards Expire

On the first day of the month that a card will expire, we send the user an email. It’s a short email that simply says, “Hi! Your credit card is about to expire.” It also features an “update now” link that takes them to their Pushpay account where they can quickly update that information. No problem!
If for whatever reason, they don’t update their credit card when they receive the first email, we send them another one at the end of the month. This makes for an extremely intuitive process for the user and keeps the church out of the position of monitoring people’s account information so that you can focus on Kingdom building.

The Features You Need

At Pushpay, we’re passionate about making sure the church has the resources she needs to do the important work required to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. This means that we’re committed to giving you the innovative, smart features you need to encourage and manage generosity in your church.
Automated updates letting people know that their credit card is expiring might seem like a simple feature, but it’s proof of our overall commitment. We want your church’s generosity to grow so that you have what you need to fulfill your mission. And this is only one of the ways we partner with you—there are many more features and tools we’ve created to keep your church’s giving organized and running smoothly!

The Pushpay App Powered by Pushpay

Your church needs a mobile giving solution, and we’d love to help you with that. A Pushpay app centralizes all the tools you need to engage a 21st-century congregation: Sermon integration, events, small-group information, communication, and giving through Pushpay integration.
You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is (especially in light of how it will revolutionize your church’s generosity). And we even help you with an adoption policy to get your congregation on board and using this important tool.
If you’re curious whether it can work for you, listen to Pastor Steve Murray of Real Life Church in Covington, WA, share his experience with Pushpay.

If a mobile app from Pushpay can keep your church engaged and connected while increasing its generosity and financial giving (and it can), why wait to try it out? Contact Pushpay today for a free demo of the Total Engagement Package!