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New Feature: Many Campuses, One Organization

When we rolled out Pushpay for churches, it made sense to view each individual location as a merchant with their own merchant listing. When larger churches began using Pushpay to increase their giving, we realized there was an opportunity to exceed expectations.

Before Pushpay, multi-campus churches had to take offerings in their various locations, count them, and then communicate the weekly giving to a bookkeeper for the organization. With Pushpay, these campuses were viewed as individual churches, so in essence, churches were doing the digital version of the same activity.

That’s when we realized we had the opportunity to improve the experience for multi-campus churches. We needed to make it more intuitive. If you have a multi-campus church, you shouldn’t have to view all of your campuses as separate accounts.

Enter the Multi-Campus Feature

Today, multiple merchant listings can be grouped under a single “organization.” This organization can create organization admin accounts which can see all the data for the merchant listings they have access to. In other words, each campus can be bundled together into one church—giving a bookkeeper or administrative assistant access to the information needed to do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

Committed to “Wow!”

This sounds a lot less complicated than it is. Changes like this require a lot of development time to think through the current API structure and come up with solutions for the various problems that could occur. And even though many of the churches using Pushpay will never need to use the multi-campus feature, we want every church that uses Pushpay to say, “Wow! This makes everything easier.”

When we roll out updates like the multi-campus feature and batch reconciliation, we know that we’re creating a tool that isn’t just making it faster and easier to receive mobile donations—we’re crafting a tool that allows churches to manage their resources effortlessly.

It’s about Total Engagement

If your church is ready to experience the difference Pushpay can make, consider the Total Engagement Package. It’s a full-featured, completely customizable church app that comes bundled with Pushpay’s powerful giving software.

When your congregation discovers they can get more connected and engaged throughout the week through your sermons, blog posts, podcasts, and other important church communications, the bookkeeper isn’t the only one who’s going to say, “Wow!”

And getting them more connected through the app is going to help encourage them to give mobily as well—or even sign up for recurring giving.