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Simplify Your Summer: New Ways to Streamline Financial Reconciliation and Drive Participation

Pushpay was the first digital giving app made specifically for the church. We set out initially with two outcomes in mind: Make it simple to give and inspire generosity. Over the years, we have continually supported that original vision. We have given our giving and financial solutions numerous updates and added new products and features to help support your church’s mission.

This spring, we are, adding five more features to the arsenal of tools we have built to support your church! These releases will help you summer-proof giving, participation, and time so you have more resources to do more good in your community.

QuickBooks Online

First, we are happy to announce an integration with the cloud-based accounting system, QuickBooks Online. Pushpay wants to help you eliminate the headaches of keeping multiple systems up to date. We built this integration to make your life easier by minimizing duplicate work so you can achieve a more effortless reconciliation process, bridging the gap between your giving and accounting tools.

The integration has two key benefits:

  1. Automatically migrate fund batch totals directly to your accounting system.
  2. Keep giver data in Pushpay while keeping your accounting system up to date.

Pushpay’s integration with QuickBooks Online automatically migrates a church’s fund batch totals directly so that assets can be viewed in one consolidated system. It reduces errors by eliminating duplicate work when entering data between a church’s giving solution and its accounting systems.

As an Intuit Authorized Reseller, Pushpay will have access to exclusive training, resources, and discounted pricing on certain Intuit products. These savings will be passed along to Pushpay’s customers, further enhancing the value of the integration for your church.

Get started today by contacting sales@pushpay.com or by visiting our exclusive offer page here.

To discover other ways Pushpay helps churches like yours thrive in the summer months, talk to a Pushpay expert today! Click here to get started.

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Batch Entry

We’re happy to announce enhancements to our Gift Entry by delivering to you a new feature called Batch Entry. Gift Entry is the easy place to enter all giving—in batches or individually—via cash, cards, ACH, and checks. Batch Entry allows you to logically group funds together to support the way your organization operates. Centralizing your giving in one place provides deeper giving insights, streamlines workflows, and makes accounting entry and reconciliation a breeze.

Batch Entry provides:

  1. Faster entry. Process envelope gifts quickly and accurately. Reduce duplicates by starting the gift by searching for the person rather than entering the gift amount. Existing givers have their details filled in automatically, and new givers can be easily added to your community members.

    • Group transactions with pre-set defaults.
    • Auto-Populate functionality saves time, reduces errors, and helps you stay duplicate-record free.
    • Easily match to existing givers or create new givers.
  2. Easier reconciliation. Group offline transactions in a way that is meaningful to your church. Capture the relevant data needed to help you organize and ensure that gifts match what was received, and that the amounts are properly attributed to the correct funds.

    • Enjoy more checks and balances during initial gift entry.
    • Create subtotals automatically.
    • Simplify and speed up your reconciliation process with QuickBooks Online Integration.
  3. Better reporting. Group and track transaction from the service to the bank for better auditing of funds. Gain the ability to see who has taken an action with a particular batch. Create custom searches for a single gift.

    • Search by service or fundraising effort.
    • Send batches to Quickbooks Online automatically with our newest integration!
    • Export capabilities to ease re-entry into other accounting systems.

Dynamic Home Screen

People expect that apps today are kept fresh, up-to-date, and relevant. Your home screen should not be stagnant. Spotify makes me a new playlist every day, Instagram shows me the people I follow most, and ESPN is showing me the latest news of my favorite teams. Your church app should be no different.

We’re really excited about the new home screen we have built for our Pushpay apps 4.0 customers. Dynamic Home Screen promotes repeat, regular visits to the app, helping you to achieve frequent interactions and participation with the members of your church. This gives your church the ability to curate your members experience by creating a feed customized for your community that will aggregate your media, devotionals, blogs, and events into one place, making content more discoverable.

With Dynamic Home Screen you’ll get:

  1. Simplified Discovery. Give users a beautifully designed experience that makes content discovery simple, intuitive and relevant.
  2. Centralized Hub. Generate a live feed on your home screen where your videos, sermons, campaigns, and more are shown in a chronological order.
  3. Driven Participation. Keep your community up to date with the latest content and events in your community.

By allowing people up-to-date content, sermons, and events in one place, members can more easily stay connected whenever and wherever, strengthening the connection of your community.

Push Notifications: Updates

When sending Push Notifications, you want to make sure that you are sending the right message to the right people. As a church, the last thing you want to do is send information or messages that are not relevant to your community. We have made some significant updates to our Push Notifications so that you and your community are delighted by the communications experience they receive.

In addition to our already robust Push and Geo-Targeted Categories, we have added Campus Categories for multi-site churches—as well as enhancements to the user experience for customers on the Pushpay apps 4.0 platform.

  • NEW! Campus Categories. Multi-campus organizations (on Complete package) can target app users by campus, category, and geographical location. Multi-campus organizations (on Complete package) will be able to target app users in a very flexible way.
  • UPDATE! User Experience. App users pick which Push Categories they want to receive updates for when they download the app. Churches choose which Push Notification categories are important enough and should be “subscribed to” by default. App users are prompted to opt in/out of categories of your choice the first time they launch the app.

We hope these updates delight you and give your church the ability to cater the right message to the right people.

Draft Mode

You gave us feedback, we listened. Now you can save time and increase flexibility by building out content ahead of schedule and hiding for a later publish date. Draft Mode gives you the ability to hide/publish content within the Mobile App Studio. This makes pushing fresh media feeds, devotionals, blogs, events, etc., a simpler task.

Use scenarios:

  • Build weekly community devotionals ahead of time during key church holidays (such as Advent and Lent) so your community can study together.
  • Draft your sermon notes in advance, publishing them later on the proper date.
  • Hide annual events instead of deleting them so you don’t have to recreate them next year.

Don’t Let Summer Shrink Your Vision

This season should be a time for connecting with community and vacations on the beach, not stressful staff meetings wondering how to make budget each week. Your church deserves better tools to help you fuel generosity and drive participation. This new batch of features are designed to summer-proof giving, participation, and time. Your finance staff regains an enormous amount of time on Mondays. Your church app delivers engaging content to every user. And those who give via cash or check are led to give online, meaning they can now give even when they’re on vacation. This year, use technology to have your best summer yet.

Discover how your church can thrive even while your community is traveling and vacationing for weeks on end. Talk to a Pushpay expert today to learn more or join the over 7,000 churches already using world-class technology to keep their community engaged over the summer and encourage healthier giving year-long.

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