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Technologies for Worship: How to Create Meaningful Experiences

A church’s worship experience used to mean the hour or so spent with others in the community listening, singing, and praising the Lord. Today, churches are searching for new opportunities to connect with congregants beyond their in-person gatherings. And it’s clear that the online church service plays a critical role. “63% of church adults believe churches should use digital resources for spiritual formation and discipleship” (Barna 2020). 81% of church adults also say that it’s “very important” for them to worship in person alongside others, and one in five church adults has a “high digital openness.” That means a “worship experience” now extends beyond the church walls–and a meaningful worship experience requires an effective melding of your in-person and online ministry efforts. Learn how technologies for worship can help.

The Hybrid Approach is Here to Stay

Even as we can see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, it’s clear that churchgoers will continue to want a hybrid church approach to worship services and weekly spiritual formation. Juggling in-person and online church doesn’t have to be a battle. It’s your opportunity to reimagine the traditional worship experience. A hybrid worship approach helps both connect people face-to-face and lean into premier technology to support communities and develop disciples beyond the walls of the church.

Now is the Time to Act

Recently at our Church Disrupt 2021 online conference, everyone from speakers and sponsors, to tech and church thought leaders touched on this idea of creating a meaningful worship experience. While it’s an evergreen topic, ensuring that your congregants receive what they need and want from you and your church while balancing time, energy, money, and staying true to your mission has likely never been more important than right now. As Celebration Church’s Lead Pastor Tim Timberlake said at Church Disrupt 2021, “Now is the time for us to utilize the season that we’re in.”

How to Move Forward

Don’t worry. We’re here to help with a blog series that will address how to create meaningful experiences using technologies for worship. We’ll begin with the hybrid church experience and how you can make the most impact for your congregants. We’ve supercharged your efforts with two new features to learn about:

Lyric and Chord Chart Editor – Easily transpose songs, build out unique song arrangements, quickly edit lyrics, utilize a variety of chord notation systems, and create new song attachments for your worship set.

Web Giving Fastmode – We made our streamlined and secure giving transaction simpler and faster with this new two-step delivery feature, giving you the option to disable SMS authentication.

Next, you’ll learn the ins and outs of embracing digital discipleship. There are many options it offers to inspire people to grow in discipleship. And we have two new tools we’re anxious to introduce you to:

Enhanced People Search + Saved Search – Provides you with search tools to pin down precise attributes, characteristics, and filters to quickly find specific information about your congregation.

LEAD App – Leaders can follow up with their people while creating events for groups, taking attendance, managing schedules, and inviting people to events all within one place in the app. Mobile ministry wherever your leaders are located.

And to wrap up the series, we’ll look at creating purposeful connections within and outside the four walls of your church, including:

Rich Push Notifications – A powerful way to connect and communicate with your app users by creating impactful messages that increase engagement within your app.

My Church App – Groups and Attendance – Whether in-person or online, group attendance is easier to manage in our ChMS and can now be taken through the My Church by Pushpay App.

We know the past year and a half has been trying in ways you might not have ever imagined. You may be worn out, frustrated, lacking direction, and worried about your congregants. But as Pastor Timberlake urged us to do during Church Disrupt, right now you have the opportunity to pick up the broken pieces left by the pandemic, rally your people, and create something beautiful and inspired that serves God, your congregants, and the community. This is a time of possibility. So look for our upcoming posts, and seize the moment to do God’s work.

Did you miss out on Church Disrupt 2021? Filled with expert information and inspirational messages, it’s a must-watch for all of God’s people. Check out the entire conference here.