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Meet Digital Giving

Make giving simple and flexible

Take the complexity out of your giving experience without sacrificing the functionality you need to track, manage, and grow donations.


Making giving simple
and flexible
Support a variety of
giving options
Manage giving for
multi-campus and

Easy Giving, Even Through a Pandemic

“Even during lockdowns around the world, AIMS partners continue to give easily through Pushpay so the ministry work continues. Our indigenous missionaries continue to share the gospel with those who have NEVER heard the name of Jesus, baptize people, and plant churches. Pushpay makes it easy to receive donations and analyze giving."

AIMS, Jan Brown
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“This platform has provided us the opportunity to put the Sunday services right into the hands of our church and community members during an unparalleled time in our history! When most churches experienced severely decreased giving during the pandemic, our church experienced a record year! We’ve been able to take that extra giving and put it straight back into our community!”

Sarah Jones, First Baptist Church Reeltown
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Make Giving Simple and Flexible

Enable donors to give quickly, anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Fast and secure
    Support any type of donation, across mobile, online, text and kiosk.
  • Keep it branded
    Integrate your church brand into your giving experience.

Support a variety of giving options

Allow donors to choose the giving path that’s right for them.
  • Text Giving
    Make your giving as easy as sending a text message
  • Online
    Seamlessly integrate giving into your website and communications
  • Mobile
    Give from your church app or through the mobile browser
  • Kiosk
    Create and in-person giving experience from your tablet

Manage giving for multi-campus and multi-language

Scale and grow with custom giving solutions for multi-site churches.
  • Spanish Web Giving
    Our best-in-class giving experience available in Spanish.
  • Multi-Campus
    Everything you need to build, support and manage multiple campuses.

Churches Love Pushpay

Do Even More

Recurring Gifts - Illustration
Recurring Gifts

Provide your donors with a safe and easy way to automatically give

Campaigns and Pledges - Illustration
Campaigns and Pledges

Create campaigns to encourage giving and pledges to specific needs.

Future Dated Gifts - Illustration
Future Dated Gifts

Let your donors create a gift today but processed at a later date.

Pre-configured Giving Links - Illustration
Pre-configured Giving Links

Simplify the giving experience with pre-populated forms

Multi-Site Management - Illustration
Multi-Site Management

Robust support for the largest churches


average increase in digital giving with Pushpay


Easy integrations. Connect the tools you’re already using to manage your community.


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How does text giving work?

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Is text-to-give secure?

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Does text giving support recurring donations?

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What types of donation funds are available through text giving?

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Are there fees for text giving?

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